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The assortment of TSM International consists of liquid minerals (ELM), solid minerals (ESM) and other specialized products for dairy cattle.

ELM is our liquid mineral mixture which is added to the drinking water by dairy farmers via a dosing system or to the mixing trolley. By means of this method, the high mineral requirements of your high-yielding dairy cattle can be better met.

In addition to the ELM minerals, TSM International also supplies ESM minerals, the dry mineral mixtures, and even more specialized products for your company. For example calf milk replacers or products for the prevention of chronic milk disease and calf disease in dairy cattle.

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ELM Minerals

ELM minerals are liquid minerals for dairy cattle with indispensable minerals, vitamins and trace elements that only offer advantages such as optimal utilization and better welfare of the dairy cattle. ELM minerals are added to the drinking water by means of a dosing pump, or to the mixing trolley.

Within the group ELM minerals you will find all our liquid minerals for dairy cattle. The ELM minerals are available as standard in 1,250 kg and 250 kg. Click below if you want to know more about our minerals for dairy cattle.

ESM Minerals

ESM minerals are solid (dry) minerals for dairy cattle and often a necessary supplement to the basic ration due to the soil becoming poorer. ESM minerals are focused on a specific problem in a dairy farm. For example, you can think of reduced milk production, fertility and / or claw problems.

Within the group ESM minerals you will find all our solid minerals for dairy cattle. The ESM minerals can be supplied in different quantities, tailored to your ration. Click below if you want to know more about our solid minerals.

Dairy Cattle Products

In addition to the supply of minerals for dairy cattle, TSM International offers all kinds of specialized products for dairy cattle to support the management of a dairy farm. You can think of licks, drinking bowls, veal pens, milk sickness drink and other related products for dairy cattle.

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