Dairy cattle products

In addition to the supply of minerals for dairy cattle, TSM International offers all kinds of specialized products for dairy farming. You can think of licks, drinking bowls, veal pens, milk sickness drink and other related products for dairy cattle. We regularly add new products for dairy cattle to our range. If you are logged in with your customer data, you will see the selling prices that apply to you and you can easily order the products online. Is your desired product not listed? Then do not hesitate to docontact us.

Are you looking for a specific product for dairy cattle?

Let us know! Thanks to a broad network of suppliers and relations, TSM International is able to offer advice and help with all kinds of problems at a dairy farm. Whether it is about increased excitability in your cows, or a strong reduction in appetite. If you tell us where you run into your dairy farm, we will discuss the best solution with you!
TSM International often offers support to dairy farms at a distance, but in some cases it is necessary to really look at dairy farming. Too many factors can mean certain side effects and then viewing the dairy cattle, the fur or the udders is very important. We would of course like to visit you in such cases! Do you want to make an appointment right away? Feel free to contact us.

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