ELM Minerals

ELM minerals are liquid minerals for dairy cattle with indispensable minerals, vitamins and trace elements that only offer advantages such as optimal utilization and better welfare of the dairy cattle. ELM is added to the drinking water by means of a dosing pump or to the mixing trolley.

Adding ELM minerals to the compound feeder has the same effect as solid minerals. However, a lower dosage of ELM minerals is required for optimal use in view of ESM solid minerals, ie a lower cost price per liter of milk!

ELM Standard

ELM Standard are liquid minerals consisting of a carefully selected collection of essential minerals to increase the milk production of a cow. ELM standard has been supplemented with several important vitamins and trace elements which only offer advantages and a better well-being of the animal.

ELM Calcium

ELM Calcium is the ELM Standard with an increased concentration of calcium. Calcium is important for various body functions of the cow such as the bones, muscles and blood clotting. The right concentration depends on various factors. For example, young cattle absorb little food and grow relatively quickly, which increases the need for calcium.

ELM Phosphorus

ELM Phosphorus is the ELM Standard with an increased concentration of phosphorus. Phosphorus is essential for the energy processing of a cow and for the acid-base balance in the body. If there is a shortage, there may be a lack of symptoms. With an excess of phosphorus, the traceability of other trace elements is reduced.

ELM Magnesium

ELM Magnesium is the ELM Standard with extra magnesium. Only by supplying extra magnesium daily via the drinking water is it possible to get sufficient magnesium in the diet.

ELM Vitamin

ELM Vitamin is the ELM Standard with extra vitamin. ELM Vitamin is extremely suitable for increasing the welfare of the animals.

ELM Micro

ELM Micro is the ELM standard with an extremely high content of micro minerals.

With tailor-made ELM minerals, you achieve the optimal result!

ELM minerals are focused on the daily needs of the dairy cattle, as well as on common problems within a dairy farm.

After a personal visit from our representative to your dairy farm, it is decided in consultation with you which ELM minerals should be added daily to the drinking water or the mixing car.

Our standard mineral mixes can often be sufficient for the most common problems. However, experience has taught us that ELM minerals are custom-made, especially for your dairy farm, sometimes to achieve an optimal milk production!

Would you like to know more about having ELM customized? Feel free to contact us without obligation.

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