ESM Minerals

ESM minerals are solid (dry) minerals for dairy cattle and often a necessary supplement to the basic ration due to the soil becoming poorer. ESM minerals are focused on a specific problem in a dairy farm. For example, you can think of reduced milk production, fertility and / or claw problems.

ESM minerals are used to realize a profitable milk production. A profitable milk production is only possible when the roughage and concentrates are in balance and thereby their minerals are an indispensable element. ESM minerals consist of a complete range of minerals, microminerals and vitamins.

ESM Standard

ESM Standard are solid minerals suitable for a calcium rich ration. The ESM Standard minerals contain a high proportion of magnesium and vitamins that work positively on claw and udder health.

A deficiency of magnesium in dairy cattle causes reduced feed intake, nervousness, over-excitability and head disease symptoms. It is therefore important to include sufficient magnesium in your ration.

Een tekort aan magnesium bij melkvee zorgt voor een verminderde voeropname, nervositeit, overprikkelbaarheid en kopziekte verschijnselen. Het is dus belangrijk voldoende magnesium in uw rantsoen op te nemen.

ESM Phosphorus

ESM Phosphorus is the ESM standard with an increased concentration of phosphorus. The ESM Phosphorus minerals can be used in a ration with mainly silage maize. It contains a high proportion of vitamins and microminerals.

Although a shortage of phosphorus does not directly lead to deficiency symptoms, insufficient phosphorus in lactating cows can result in a decrease in lactose production and in young animals there may be descaling of the bone.

With tailor-made ESM minerals, you achieve the optimal result!

ESM minerals are focused on the daily needs of the dairy cattle, as well as on frequently occurring problems within a dairy farm.

The ESM minerals are solid minerals and can therefore easily be added to your mixing vehicle when you are preparing a ration for your dairy cattle.

Our standard mineral mixes can often be sufficient for the most common problems. However, experience has taught us that ESM minerals tailored to your dairy farm are sometimes needed to achieve an optimal milk production!

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